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Infrared Machining---Coating

Product Description

Product Attribute
Manufacture: Germanium、Silicon、ZnSe(Zinc Selenide)、ZnS(Zinc Sulfide)、Aluminum、Copper、Nickel、Nickel-Copper、Calcium fluoride、Chalcogenide Glass、PMMA Optical Plastic and PC.
Coating: Infrared Antireflection Coatings(AR Coating)、Diamond-like Carbon Coating(DLC Coating)、High Laser-Demage Resistance Coating、Multifarious Filter(For example: IR-CUT)、Full wave infrared AR Coating(3-12μm)>
Application: Apply to various kinds of Infrared Lens
Specification (mm): According to Customer Demand
Application: 5-+∞
Diameter tolerance: ±0.05
Center Thickness Tolerance: ±0.02
Surface Quality: ≤3nm
Surface Accuracy: Rt≤0.5µm,Ra≤0.04µm
Irregularity: ≤0.5
Centering: ≤1'
Total Thickness Tolerance: ±0.02
Sag of Concave: ±0.02
Transmittance(3µm-5µm): TAV≥98%(Double-side AR Coating);TAV≥95%(AR Coating +DLC Coating)
Transmittance(8µm-12µm): TAV≥97%(AR Coating +AR Coating);TAV≥90%(AR Coating +DLC Coating)

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